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Hat Bar Parties in Boise, Idaho

Idaho Hat Burning Bar Parties is great for any occasion Birthdays, girls night out, office parties,bridal parties, bachelorette parties, baby showers, kids parties and more!

PICK your hat

PICk your band, feathers decor

PICK your design & Burn it!

Wear it! Serving all of Boise Idaho and beyond Idaho.

BOOK NOW! 415-987-5946

What is a Hat Bar? Let's unveil the ultimate fashion statement for hat enthusiasts!

What is a Hat Bar, you ask? Let The Hip Hat break it down for you. A hat bar is essentially a table or display filled with a variety of hats for guests or customers to choose from, and then have them customized and accessorized for them. After picking their favorite hat from the lot, the guest or customer can select a specific hat band, add jewelry pieces, feathers, bling, give it a burned or distressed look, have it painted, branded, you name it! A Hat Bar adds a touch of whimsy and fun to any hat and the possibilities are endless!

What makes a Hat Bar extra special is that it is a stylish, fun, and interactive way to add some fun to a boutique, a party, or even to an event. Hat bars are not only about business, but they truly are about building a community. They are a great way to showcase someone's amazing work with hats, creating additional respect and love for this timeless fashion accessory, or even breaking the ice during an event or party and getting people mingling, as everyone will have something in common to talk about - their hats!

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