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Kids & Ladies Posh Spa Parties  & Glamour Parties!!

Kids Posh Spa Parties  & Ladies Spa Parties 
For Kids of all ages 3-17 
& Ladies Spa & Glamour Parties

by Primadonnamakeover ......

Spa & Glamour Parties
Princess Pinkalicious Tutu Birthday party & Princess Dress up Birthday Party… & More!


Spa Party Packages..

Posh Tot Spa Party

Posh  Spa Party $49.00 Per Posh Tot  a min of 6 or more guest

*Ages 3-9
*Tiara for the Princess
*Mini Mani or Pedi  or both for extra $10
*Choose an Item from Our Glam Jewelery Chest
*1 Tattoo
*1 photo per Guest
*Color a Make-up Face Chart
*1 Game event Pin the candle on the Cupcake
*The Glam Fairy Spa Certificate of Completing their          Spa Party  Per guest
*Robes (just for use at party)  may  special order them for gifts

*extra perfume making, Lip Gloss making, Bubble Gum Necklace Making & More! Down Below

The Sassy Spa Party

The Sassy Spa Party $65.00 Per Guest  a min of 6 or more guest

* ages 9-15
*1 Tiara for the Princess
*Mani or Pedi 
*Chocolate Sweet Facial  
*Eye Gel Mask Service
*1 Tattoo
*1 photo per guest
*Color a Make-up Face Charts
*The Glam Fairy Spa Certificate of Completing their         Spa Party per guest

*Extra Create one Spa Lab I Item (lip Scrub Gloss)$15
 per guest extra other crafts are extra $ Down Below

*Robes (just for use at party) May special  order them for gifts 

Ooh la la Spa Party

Ooh la la  Spa Party $125 Per Guest  a min of 6 or more guest

*Ages 13 - adults
*1 Tiara for the Princess
*Chocolate Sweet Facial or Pumpkin Facial
*Eye Gel Mask Service
*Makeup Lesson  w/ a face chart or Prima Hair Do
or Makeup application Lashes are extra
*Pinktini or Champagne for adults
*1 Tattoo
*1 photo per guest
*The Glam Fairy Spa Certificate of Completing their        Spa Party per guest

*Robes (just for use at party) may special order for gift

*Create one Spa Lab 1 Item (lipScrub Gloss) other crafts  are extra $

Glamour Girl  Spa Party

Glamour Girl  Spa Party $145 Per Guest a min of 4 or more guest

*Ages 13 - adults
*Chocolate Sweet Facial  or Pumpkin Facial 
*Eye Gel Mask Service
*Create one Spa Lab Item  (lip Scrub gloss)other crafts are  extra $
*Prima Hair Do
*1 Tattoo
*Makeup Lesson w/ face chart
*Photo Keepsake Before & After
*Pinktini or Champagne  for adults only
*The Glam Fairy Spa Certificate of Completing their                      Spa Party per guest
*Robes (Just for use at party)may special order for gift

Travel Fee $1.00 a mile & Gratuity of 20%  will be added to the total.

Spa Lab : 
Pick One For Your Spa Party

*Make Your Own Lip Gloss **included**

Extra to add to Spa Party

*Make Your Own Unique Perfume Smell, Bottle, Blend & Name it too $25  per guest

  Make Lip Gloss $8.00 per  guest


*Make a Scrub $15  per guest

*Make a White Pearl GumBall Necklace $15  per guest

$4.00  each per guest
*Free for Guest of Honor

Sugar Scrub Party Pack
for (4) 
$25.00 each box
call to order

Nail polish making & name it too!
1 $15.99
2 $25.99

****This is just polish no nails get painted & no lotion message !***

New to Posh Kids Spa parties…….
Sugar Scrub Vanity fun station, Fab Fragrance Boutique fun station, Shimmer Lotion  fun stations….

Fab Fragrance Bar  $20.99 per guest added to party

Sugar Scrub bar $15.99 single scoop $ 19.99 double scoop per guest added to party

Lotion FunStation  2 oz bottle  $12.99 6 oz bottle $20.99 per guest added to party

Nail Polish Bar Making Your Own Nail Polish & Name it too!
1 nail polishes that you make  each guest
 1 polish  $15.99    2  polishes $ 25.99

Lipstick Lab Bar Make your own lipstick pick color, pick flavor mold it and wear it!  $40 extras $2.00 flavor $2.00 sunscreen 
Pink or Black fancy Lip tube $5.00  

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area & Beyond.....


No more then 20 guest per spa party, if need more then 20 it needs to be asked in advanced ...

Ladies Spa & Glamour Spa Party...

New to Posh Kids Spa Parties 
Streaks of Highlights

Create gorgeous, vibrant effects with fun colors! You’ll love how these chalk pieces can create amazing blended ombre cascades or streaks of trendy highlights. When used on wet hair, the semi-permanent chalk lasts up to three days and withstands straightening and curling irons. Compatible with any hair type or texture, you’ll create the trendy looks you love at a fraction of the price. Don’t you deserve to have a little fun?
  • Set contains 32 vibrant rainbow colors
  • $5.00 per guest 

Glitter Highlights  $5.00 per guest


Free Invitations just print them out and share a spa & glamour party with your friends.


Designer Inspired Treats ...

L V Edible Rice Paper Brownie Toppers 1 doz
 each order

LV Rainbow Edible Rice  Paper Cupcake Toppers 1 doz each order

Makeup Party Cookies Assorted Nail polish, Masacara & lipstick  1 doz


Designer Fondant  Cupcake Toppers 
(6) of your choice  $50.99 or 
all (9) $75.99

Pink Juicy Couture Edible             
Rice Paper Cupcake Toppers   
1 doz each order $45.99       

Chanel Edible Rice Paper Cupcake Toppers
1 doz each order

LV Edible Fondant Cake Cover for an 1/2 sheet cake

         Princes Theme Treat Table

Magic Wand Sufar Cookies 
1 doz  $75.99

Princess Oreo Cookies 
1 doz $65.99

Princess Crown Sugar Cookies   1 doz

Princess Cupcake Toppers

1 doz $ 55.99

Princess Golden Crown 100% 
edible Cupcake Toppers
1 doz $55.99

Princess Cake Pops 
1 doz $ 65.99

OPI  Nail Polish  Spa Treats $5.00 each per guest

Powered Sugar donuts
(20) donuts on tray and decorated if you need more $2.50 extra 

$30 per order

Fruit Cone Cup with Grapes &Chocolate 
$3.75 per guest

Crown Peanut butter & Jelly Sandwiches 
$3.50 per guest

 Princess Pinkalicious Birthday  Party
Party Package for 6 - 15 Children $55 per guest…if more then 15 please call ahead of time to set it up…

call 415-987-5946
or email 

We host the whole Princess Pinkalicious  Birthday Party  just  for You…Ages 4-9
Included in the Package: 6-15 guest may have more, food provided by you.
$85.00 per guest all this is included

*  Pink or Hot Pink Fluffy Tutus,12" length full elastic waist one size fits all ages 3-10
* Pink Sparkle Princess Tiaras
* Pink Princess Wands
* Princess Canvas Bag Crafts
*Star Plush Pens
* Pink Princess Feather Boas
* Beaded Necklace & Bracelet Set
* Pink Tutu Gift Tags
*1 Pink Boa for Limboa
*Our Guide To Host Your Own Princess Party, Games to play,Pass the wand, Limbo, Who knows the birthday girl the best & More!
*Most Orders ship in 2-5 Business days
All as above Plus.
*Princess Pinkalicious Tutu Set as above  
Included for the party per guest… as above..
*Mini Mani
*1 photo per guest will be sent via email or iPhone 
* Pin the candle on the Cupcake
*Make lip Gloss extra $7.00
*Color a Face Chart 
*A  Princess Certificate per guest
*Limbo Boa
*$85.00 per guest for the whole package

Princess Dress up Costume Birthday Party
Ages 4-9 years old
Princess rate per guest $55

Treat Your Princess to a Costume Party with our Signature Princess Gowns & Accessories & More! Ages 4-9

Princess rate per guest $65
*15 Princess costume sized 4-7 age
*Arabian Princess, Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella,Snow White, Cinderella Day Dress, Yellow Beauty, Scottish Princess, Rapunzel, Bide, Lily Pad Princess, Pink Princess,Winter Beauty, Royal Pink Princess & Pink Parisian Princess. 
All dresses (just for the use at party)may special order them for gifts ..

*Dress up as a Princess
*Pink Boas..(Just for the use at party) may  special order them for gifts
*Mini Mani 
*Choose 1 item  from our jewelery chest
*1 Photo per guest…sent via email or iPhone 
*Pin The Candle on the Cupcake
*Make a (lip gloss)
*Color a face chart
*A Princess Certificate per guest

* Make-up ($15.00 per guest)
*Prima Hair-do's ($15.00 per guest)
*Cake Pops per guest ( $5.00 per guest)

You can also order the Princess Gowns Seperate
 $40 each plus tax & shipping

Call to order  415-987-5946
Email @

*added to each order is tax & shipping

*Designer items have to be ordered 2 weeks  before needed to be able to make them and ship them to you on time.

Please Call  to set up your Spa & Glamour Spa Party Now!

*A Waiver needs to be signed by a parent for of the guest under 18 years of age.

Travel fee & Gratuity will be added to total amount .

A deposit of  $100.00 non refundable  to hold your date and the rest due the day of Spa Party.

Parental Olbigations:
*Warm running water
 *2 Electrical supply outlets
*1 parent or guardian (over 21 yrs. old) must be at party at all times
*a space large enough to set tables and chairs and other equipment
*A clean , safe and smoke free  event
*easy access to the entrance in order to carry equipment

Deposit & Payment:
 A deposit $100.00 non-refundable is required to reserve your date/time.
Wa accept checks or cash or visa or master card for the initial payment but final payment must be made  day of party.

Cancellation & refund:
If  for any reason  you choose to cancel your party date we will be unable to refund deposit .
Unforseen  Circumstances
In the event of server illness or major emergency we reserve the right to cancel and reschedule your party
Final Headcount
Final headcount must be confirmed 48 hours prior to the event.You will be responsible for all guest confirmed at that time. We do not offer refunds or credit for guest who do not show up on the day of the party.
If there is an added guest a charge will be added.

Set-up & Breakdown
Arrival & Set-up
Our spa party specialist will arrive 1 hour prior to the party to set-up.
It takes approximately 30-45 mins to breakdown and they will ensure you that the area is left just as it was when they arrived.

Spa Specialists
Spa & Glamour Spa Party are NOT Licensed salon professionals. Our "pamper sessions" are for entertainment purpose only for little girls and adults to feel inspired and relax. 

*We ask that there be an adult supervision during the spa party to attend to the needs of children unrelated issues.

We are not responsible for constantly monitoring the children and cannot be help responsible  for and behavioral issues. 

Safety & Hygiene
*Nails & Feet 
We do not clip or trim nails or toes. Please advise your guest that it is helpful if they come to the party with clean nails & feet and ensure all previous polish applications have been removed.
The children do not get undressed to dress-up in our robes. We ask guest come prepared wearing shorts, leggings, tanks tops and any other form of thine clothing to wear under their robes.
We use mostly disposable applicators and thoroughly sterilize our equipment. We use child friendly products.

Gratuities are not included in the package price. We recommend standard gratuity be based on the total party amount  of  20% .

Travel Fee
Travel fee of $1.00 a mile will be added to the total. 


Please read all above ..  Sign Waiver Below 
Make sure all parent sign of each of the guest….


Primadonnamakeuover Hair & Makeup On Location Spa & Glamour Party Waiver...

Date of party:

Name of Party:

Number of guest:


Phone #


Please make sure that you have read all of the Parents Obligations, Deposit & Payment, Cancellation, Final Headcount, Set-up & Breakdown, Spa Specialists, Supervision, Behavior, Safety & Hygiene, Gratuity  & Travel fee which are above.

Please sign  below and date it ...Make a copy for yourself and the original copy to us..



Thank You ,

Please have every parent sign :
One per child ...

Primadonnamamkeover Hair & Makeup & 
Spa & Glamour Parties.

*Deposit is None Refundable*

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