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Perfume Bar Soiree  (party)  
Creating Perfume! Perfume Kits! Fragrance Bar!
Your Own Unique Perfume!

Yes, you host your own Perfume Bar Soiree and we set it all up for you and you create your own unique perfume with your friends & family. Blend and Smell all the essential oils and create the perfume that's best for you or for that someone special in your life. A perfume Mixologist will help your guest blend & blend the oils for your guest & wrap it up as a favor. You can also special order Perfume Bar Kits!

Creating Your Very Own Unique Perfume!
Just smell, Blend, Bottle & Name It!

Perfume Bar Soiree kit for one...
Call 415-987-5946
for more info on Kit Gift Sets.

New !!!   Designer Inspired Essential  Oils Kits ... 
Beautiful, Coco, Chanel #5. Obsession, Juicy, & More ..perfect for bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Sweet 16 & more..

Custom Ordered  Designer Inspired Kits...
Please Call To Custom your kit...

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Perfume Bar Soiree (party) Host your Own Perfume Bar Soiree Make Your Own Unique Perfume

Occasions For Hosting a Perfume Bar Soiree
Baby Shower
Holiday Parties
Bridal Shower             
Sweet 16th Birthday
Girls Night Out            
Bar Mitzvahs              
Debutante Ball
Corporation Events        
Engagement Parties
Graduation party

Many other Occasions... Hire your Mixologist for your next Perfume Bar Soiree ...

Get ready to smell, blend, pour, bottle, & name your own unique blend of your own perfume...

Chanel Inspired Perfume Bar Party  
For 10 to 100 Guests. Kits vary per size of Soiree (party) for Any Occasion

Baby Showers, Bridal Shower, Birthday & More!
You Host Your Perfume Bar  Soiree (party) with all 
you friends and Family.
Smell and  Blend your scent to create your very own Perfume, bottle it and label it and give your Own Perfume it's Unique Name...


DIY Kits Perfume Bar Parties
Visit or 415-987-5946

 Host Your Very Own Perfume Soiree Now for that special beautiful Unique experience with your friends and family to Create your own perfume.

We also have DIY Perfume party kits:

Kits for 12 to 100 Guests Visit
to see the kits. or 415-987-5946

Call Us:  415-987-5946

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